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Métis Settlements 
Strategic Training Initiatives Society

Our Vision is for the Eight Métis Settlements

Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement
Elizabeth Métis Settlement
Gift Lake Métis Settlement
Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement
East Prairie Métis Settlement
Fishing Lake Métis Settlement
Kikino Métis Settlement
Peavine Métis Settlement


To provide training and education to Métis Settlement members residing on settlements or on an authorized leave of absence; to assist Settlement members in entering, re-entering or retaining meaningful employment.

Who We Are

The Métis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives (‘MSSTI’) is a society formed by the Métis Settlements to provide training and educational opportunities to Métis Settlement Members. MSSTI assist our Members with entering or re-entering the workforce, retaining active employment, or enhancing their skills to advance in their chosen profession. Our top priority is to ensure that Settlement Members have meaningful opportunities for employment.

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Career Decision Making

We assist you in determining the best career for you based on your interests and the labour market opportunities that exist in your area.

Skills Enhancement

Based on the Career choices you are making we will assist you in developing the skills needed, such as training to employment, education, self-employment programs or referrals to other agencies are required for upgrading, industry training apprenticeships and work experience.

Job Search

We provide support to you in developing your own return employment. Action plan. A step by step process to obtain the employment you want in the area you want to work in.

Employment Maintenance

We will help you to identify any barriers you may have to finding and sustaining your employment and provide resource information or referrals for supports in the areas identified.

All persons residing on Settlements or off Settlement on a leave of absence are welcome and invited to access the basic employment services located on the eight settlements or at the Métis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives office in Edmonton.

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Client Eligibility

For Individual Sponsorship or Group Training Projects

Métis physically residing on a Settlement, or a Settlement Member on an authorized leave of absence as defined by the Métis Settlement Act , section 85 and;

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

  • Have a SIN number prior to approval

  • In good standing with the previous funding with Métis Settlement Strategic Initiatives Society’s program

  • Must require assistance to overcome existing or anticipated labour market barriers

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How to Apply for Sponsorship

  • Letter of acceptance from training or education institution including start and end dates, course outline for the complete year, outline of all costs (include tuition, books, supplies, student fees, etc.)

  • Completion of Application

  • In the event of a disability or injury a letter from a medical doctor confirming ability to enter into the training or occupation you are choosing

  • Students must apply a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start date of the program

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Métis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives Society

Suite 101, 10335 – 172 Street
Edmonton, AB T5S 1K9

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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Indigenous Skills Employment and Training Program.

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